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Pitbull Orange Tree Orange Sunset Lemon Sativa Purple Star Hippie Crippler Orange Valley OG Shrieker LA Chz Tiger Moon Tiger Punch Purple Sauce Tiger Cake LA Jack Hippie Crasher Tigerz Eye LA Kookies Tiger's Blood Space Guava NY-47 Purple Sage Tiki Rum Cake LA Affie Purple Silver Purple Slush LA Cake Shoreline Space Jill L.A. Sunshine NYC Flo Tigermelon LA Beatnik Space Jello Purple Snowman Orange Snow Cone Tiger Woods NYC Diesel Pixie Dust Tiger's Milk Mango Kush LA Chocolat Space Mints NYC Chem Shockwave NY Cheeze Cake Gorilla Banana NY Cheese L.A. Cheese Orange Soda Shortbread Pistachio Lemon Slush Pixie Stix Shoki L.A. Rouge Hippy Crasher Space Junkie Lemon Shiv Lemon Skunk Shooter McGavin Tiki Rain Tiger Champagne Space Gold Purple Sherbet Tiger Paw Mango Mojito NYC Haze Orange Tangie Diesel Shishkaberry Mango Ice Hippy Slayer Gorilla Balls Tiki Cookies Orange Turbo Purple Sour Diesel Piña Collision Tiger King Tiki Tom Shogun LA Chomper Purple SFV Orange Velvet Gorilla Berries LA Confidential Orange Tik Tak Orange Tsunami Shock Tarts Lemon Sorbet #1 Orange Sunrise Lemon Runtz LA Baker Purple Skunk Hippie Chicken L.A. Sorbet Gorilla Biscuit Mango Mintality Mango Limeade Shiskaquine Space Jam Show Boat Gorilla Blue Shiva Skunk Lemon Shortbread Mango Puff Mango Madness

Crystal Clear Terpenes

Our terpenes are clear, Crystal Clear. Ensure your product will stay perfectly clear, the natural way.

Lab Tested, Every Batch

All profiles exceed requirements in all 50 states for pesticides, residual solvents and additives.

Live Terpene Series

All Terpenes are extracted from real plants, never synthetic.

Every Terpene Profile.

The Terpene Lab has the largest selection of terpene profiles, Period. With over 7500 active accurate strain profiles, in stock.

Wholesale Organic Terpenes

The Terpene Lab provides Wholesale Organic Terpene Profiles to Vape Cart Manufacturers, Smoke Shops, Terpene Resellers, and Cannabis Infusion Teams. With over 7500 different, accurate terpene profiles in stock, we have the strains your customers are looking for at prices that work for everyone. We supply many large resellers in Los Angeles and abroad, and with our selection you can offer profiles no one else carries. Contact us now for more information!

THCA - CBD - Distillate - Shatter - Wax - Edibles

Look no further! We have the California compliant ingredients you are looking for. Visit our Terpene Lab and we will set you up with the legal ingredients you need to create and maintain your products line. Its as simple as walking in the door. Out of state? Call us and we can walk you through the process. We ship terpenes. We do not ship materials out of state. If you visit from out of state all of our activates must remain in the State Of California. Contact us now for more information!

Cannabis Infusion Services

Need Your Material infused with flavor? We infuse your plant material with the flavor of your choice. 1 pound or 1000 pounds, we have you covered.  Large quantity? We can come to you. 

Flavored Terpenes

High Strength Candy, Fruity and Custom flavored terpenes for Spray, Vapes and resellers. We have the flavors you are looking for in the strengths you need. Need a custom blend? We will customize Organic Terpenes on the spot. Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana, Guava, Pineapple, Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Desserts, Candy, we have it all!!

Cannabis Terpenes - Weed Terpenes

Are you looking for Weed Terpenes, Cannabis Terpenes or Hemp Terpenes? We got it! Cannabis Derived Terpenes , or CDT, are in stock. Fresh weed terpenes are perfect for flavoring your existing cannabis and hemp products as well as make vape products. We can blend cannabis terpenes with our Botanical Terpenes to lower the price and stretch your dollar, or add in specific skunky, pitrus or piney flavors to further enhance your products. Contact us now for more information!

The Largest Collection of Organic Terpene Profiles in the World - From The Mind Of Mr Extractor.



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Cereal Milk Terpenes: Sweet Milky Delight with a Cookie Touch by Mr Extractor

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